Essential Surgery - Problems, Diagnosis and Management

Burkitt H.G., Quick C.R. and Reed J.B. Churchill Livingstone

1st Ed 1989, 2nd Ed 1996, 3rd Ed 2002, 4th Ed 2007. Spanish edition 1993, Chinese Editions 1998, 2006. Editions 5 (2013) and 6 (2019) – Principal author C.R.G. Quick.

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Functional Histology - a Text and Colour Atlas

Burkitt H.G., Young B. and Heath J. Churchill Livingstone

1st Edition 1979, 2nd Ed 1987, 3rd Ed 1993; Editions also in German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Taiwan (English), English Language Book Society edition. Editions 4 (2000), 5 (2007) and 6 (2013) – Principal author B. Young

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Basic Histopathology - A Colour Atlas and Text

Burkitt H.G., Stevens A, Lowe J. and Young B. Churchill Livingstone

1st Ed 1985, 2nd Ed 1991, 3rd Ed 1996; Editions also in German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Taiwan (English). Edition 4 (2002) – Principal author A. Stevens.

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Other publications...

Self Assessment in Histology

Wheater P.R. and Burkitt H.G. Churchill Livingstone, 1981

Colour Atlas of Histology

Wheater P.R., Burkitt H.G. and Lancaster P. Longman 1985

Functional Histology, Basic Histopathology, Self Assessment in Histology

CD ROM Churchill Livingstone, 1995

Making sense of your feelings – an emotional intelligence guide for men

(putative title) In preparation

You might ask how it is that someone who is not a specialist in the subjects of surgery, histology and histopathology should be an author of major texts on these subjects.

The books are a product of my lifelong search for truth, questioning of orthodox thinking and dissatisfaction with the unimaginative way such subjects are usually presented. In many ways, these are the books that I wanted written for me as a student and junior doctor.

I attribute their success to the way in which they start by identifying clearly what the reader wants to know, articulate fundamental principles, build up a detailed story from the ground up, are scientifically consistent from beginning to end, assume minimal prior knowledge and lastly avoid unnecessary jargon.

I believe that this is a feature of all of my work in consulting and the sharing of knowledge.