Programmes and Workshops

Content of Various Programmes and Workshops

  • The nature of “happiness”, “wellbeing”, “success” and “security”
  • A “non-pathologising” approach to understanding and working with uncomfortable feelings and psychological and emotional issues
  • Emotional intelligence – what it is, how to use it to enhance personal and professional relationships, make better decisions and manage others more effectively
  • The critical importance of clarifying corporate and personal vision and mission
  • The development of personal, professional and corporate ethics and behavioural codes that promote holistic wellbeing
  • Living by the fundamental code of “creating a world where everyone wins”
  • Creating socially responsible and environmentally sustainable personal lives, corporations and national economies
  • All aspects of interpersonal relationships, intimacy and sexuality
  • Techniques of clear communication for use in emotionally fraught situations
  • Sustainable new approaches to the provision of health care services

Special Interest Programmes

  • More effective parenting
  • Managing behavioural issues with teenage boys and young men
  • Eldering – a new leadership paradigm for enhancing the lives of older men and women and serving the community
  • Healthy strategies for aging and approaching end of life